Lizzy Jones


"I prayed for a Miracle and then I met Susan at the Farmers Market , Susan's gift as a medical intuitive woke me up to make healthier life choices which literally saved my life. 🙏💞🤗 I feel so blessed and grateful I met Susan 🙏 She is my earth angel 👼 💕"

Lizzy Jones 🙏🤗💞

 (Oct 30, 2019)



"As soon as I met Susan I felt a strong trust in her and an instant response to her healing energy. She radiates compassion. I felt ready to share my story with her on first acquaintance and, as a very private person, this is just not like me.

In our healing session Susan took me on a soul journey, the effects of which are still reverberating powerfully in my life. I feel more complete since this healing and am more myself - and there is so much more of myself. My family members have also benefited and I don't mean only emotional healing but also physical healing.

I was asking for a miracle and Susan's connection to Spirit made this possible.

Susan combines shamanic healing, channels energy, and uses her counselling, psychic and mediumship skills in a healing session like nothing I have experienced before. Who knew that tucked away on Saltspring Island was a healer quite like her! I am so grateful to have met her. I do feel I was led to her at the exact right moment in my life. Thank you Susan." (Sept 17, 2019)


Salt Spring Island

"Each time I have a session with Susan a powerful space is created that flows into my body the space is a place of high energy and high consciousness that I can feel with my heart and in my interaction with my world. I have recommended Susan to several of my friends and they felt this shift as well. I highly recommend this unique and wonderful experience." (July 6, 2019)

Terrie S.


"Susan was able to tap into my guides and angels to provide me with guidance and insight into my life. She is very sincere and positive, I found her empowering. She is a truly gifted individual that is able to share very important and accurate information. I would highly recommend her if you need guidance or spiritual direction."(May 19, 2019)

A.T.  Vancouver

"On an impulse, my partner and I saw Susan together at the Salt Spring Island Saturday market. What began as a casual question resulted in a very loving, supportive, clear and highly intuitive psychic reading and discussion provided through Susan. Both of us are still reeling from and sitting with the many Insights provided, as well as some unexpected messages from our guides. Most remarkable was how deeply the reading rang as true for both of us, and Susan's interpretations were very illuminating as well. I would highly recommend a reading (and more!) with Susan" (May 15, 2019).

A. M. Pender Island

"My session with Susan was a deep meditative state which left me feeling the love of spirit for the rest of the day. The messages from spirit were helpful and full of gentle loving guidance. I highly recommend a session." (May 13, 2019)

Kimberley S.

EA Teacher - Vancouver

"Susan is an incredibly gifted and compassionate healer. She came into my life when I was going through a difficult divorce and betrayal and I worked with her to heal limiting beliefs and patterns that had created my circumstance. Her intuitive abilities and guidance enabled me to move past my pain and into excitement about creating a life by design. Words can't express how important she has been to me on this journey. She has been my angel and I feel so blessed to have her I'm my life. " (April 7, 2019)

Sara G. 

IT Consultant - Vancouver

"Susan is incredible. She comes with a strong positive energy and had the ability to feel what I needed before I even knew it. Susan is responsible for helping me be more aware of my ego and has helped to re-establish important relationships during a major shift in my life. I am forever grateful for Susan's support, guidance and friendship." (January 17, 2019)