Our 8 Week Program


This program has 4 distinct phases that students are guided through, with ongoing support through each stage. The program is completed at your own pace, although it is recommended that you do not attempt to complete each stage in less than two weeks.

Each student will be given tools such as meditations, counselling, and full text support, to guide you through your own unique triggers as you advance through each of the stages.


1. Each session (1 hour each) is $100. You can cancel anytime. You would  make payment after each session for the session.

2. I offer unlimited support through text, email and phone at no extra charge (within reason please).

3. You can go as slow or fast as you like. Recommended not more that 1 session per week.


PHASE 1 - Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

The first stage is 'Victim Consciousness', which is the stage where most of us begin our own healing journey. We are sitting in a place of questioning our own existence, wondering why our lives are so hard. There are feelings of blaming the other, and we can easily succumb to the negative messages that are passed onto us through the media. We carry around feelings that we are not good enough, and we feel that we lack the power to change our own lives. We are victims of our circumstances and child hood traumas.

PHASE 2 - Changing our Thought Patterns

The second stage we enter, as we overcome the first, is the 'Manifester Consciousness'. In this stage, we become conscious of our hidden beliefs, and learn to change our thought patterns to one of looking at the worst case, scenario - to focusing on the best! Manifestation gains power through our thoughts, so in this phase we identify what our thinking process is focused on, and we can change it consciously, to create our own reality. We start stepping into our powers and start creating a world we want to live in. We do not change the others but rather we make changes in ourselves, which in return triggers changes in others..

PHASE 3 - Learn how to listen to your Intuition

Once we master the second stage, we can move onto the third stage, which is 'Channeler Consciousness'. The biggest freedom we can offer ourselves, is the skill of letting go. This is not the same as giving up, but is the next level, where we fully trust in the divine plan. We can learn to listen to our intuition, which allows us to understand the next steps that we must take in our journey towards our best lives. We are in control of our own destiny yet we have no desire to control anything. We just need to learn to listen to our guides. In this stage, we learn to let go of the way we think things 'should' be and learn to 'see' what our next step is, according to our divine path. Our life becomes blissful and effortless.

PHASE 4 - Mastering the use of your Divine Power

The last and final stage is 'Being Consciousness'. We become one with life itself and feel gratitude and inner peace at all times. Fear does not exist. Divine right action is what happens when you are in harmony with the fundamental order of existence. It is an encounter with who you really are. In this state, you are navigating this physical world from your soul, and not your ego. You see challenges as new opportunities for growth, and you are able to walk through life in a constant meditative state. You are at bliss with the present world and feel unity with love. This is the final state of mind that will ignite your own psychic abilities and allow you to experience the full spectrum of the human experience.

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