Meditation Circle

I would like to invite you to my meditation circle that will be conducted twice a month. The next one will take place Aug 21th. 

What to Expect:

Whether you are a beginner and interested in learning more about meditation or an experienced meditator looking to further enhance your abilities to quiet your mind, this meditation circle will give you a new experience that will help you further develop self-healing techniques and abilities to communicate with your higher self. This class will include: meditation, healing session, different topics related to meditation and self-awareness and answers to questions you may have about your life.

Benefits of this Circle

  • Stress Relief
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Improved Health
  • Inner Peace
  • Techniques are taught to find answers to your questions about your life
  • Better understanding as to who you are
  • Turning negative events and thoughts into positive ones


Next Session: Aug 21st, 2019


Location: 281 Park Drive, Salt Spring Island

Cost: $20